Hervey Bay Whale Watching

23 July 2018

Pic 2018-0723 03 Hervey Bay Whale Watch (185) edit

Hervey Bay is one of Australia’s top whale watching spots. Between mid-July and October Humpback whales stop here along their long migration to rest and teach their newborn before continuing to Antarctica for the summer. The bay also provides calm waters for a smooth ride.

We had visited Hervey Bay last year on our Great Barrier Reef trip but bad weather ruined our plans. This time we had nearly perfect weather.

Dolphins enjoyed swimming with our catamaran which was a real crowd pleaser. They also liked to swim with the whales which actually helped us spot them. The first part of the tour, the whales glided up and down occasionally showing us their tale of flippers. As the sun started to set, they started playfully breeching the water and putting on a remarkable show.

Thanks to good weather and some feisty whales, Fraser Island and Hervey Bay became one of our favorite experiences in Australia.

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