Australia, Until Next Time…

2 August 2018

Pic 2018-0727 02 Coolum Beach Sunrise (33) edit

As our Australian adventure comes to an end we will not say ‘good-bye’. Instead ‘until next time’ because we will be back. When we decided to take a year off from our normal life, our primary motive was to get away from it all and concentrate on family. Australia was simply the place we chose to do it. We expected to enjoy the travel but I don’t think we expected to love the land, the lifestyle, the people as much as we do.

As Americans we are told we live in the greatest country in the world. The more we travel, the more we realize we do live in a great country, but there are many great places in the world. In Australia we found the people to be as warm and welcoming as their sun drenched sandy beaches.

While we are sad this experience has come to an end, it has given us lasting memories, good friends, and a new perspective on what the future might hold. Yes, it came at a cost but worth every sacrifice we made. Would we do it again? I hope to.

Stay tuned for our Best of Australia series in the upcoming months. But first, a good old American road trip home.

Here are a few pictures from our last days in Coolum Beach and Surfers Paradise.

Coolum Beach and Surfers Paradise (bottom)

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