California Plans Up in Smoke

6 August 2018

Starting our road trip home in Sacramento worked out well; however our plans in California did not. Originally we planned to visit Yosemite National Park but unfortunately the Ferguson Forest Fire closed the park. Plan B was Lake Tahoe but smoke from the Ferguson and Carr Forest Fires turned the sky a menacing gray. As excited as we were to be in Tahoe, we felt it was better to come back another time when we could enjoy the scenery. So our week in California went up in smoke just like that!

Pic 2018-0807 04 Lake Tahoe (2) Edit

Lake Tahoe in the Smoke Haze

We pushed on to nearby Carson City, the capital of Nevada. Carson City is a sleepy town with old west style. We make it a point to visit the state capitol buildings so we checked that box. Time to regroup and decide where next.

Nevada State Capitol and Kit Carson Statue


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