Boise, Idaho

8 August 2018

Pic 2018-0808 07 Boise (4) edit

Today we drove from Winnemucca in Northern Nevada, through the southeast corner of Oregon, to Boise, Idaho. The drive was pleasant with rolling terrain and small mountain ranges on either side. Northern Nevada was nicer than the barren desert I was expecting but not stunning. The corner of Oregon we cut through was only slightly greener, very different than other parts of the state we have visited. Crossing the Idaho border, we finally started to see signs of life as the population picked up as we closed in on Boise.

Boise was our third state capital in as many days. It is a small city that appears to be growing rapidly. We really enjoyed exploring downtown, Old Boise, Davis Park, and Boise State University. As we always do, we visited the State Capitol Building. Most states have nice capitol buildings – Idaho was no exception – and almost all of them are nicer than our hometown, Raleigh. C’mon North Carolina, you can do better just look at any other state! Ok, enough about that.

We spent less time than planned so we missed a few places I’d liked to have seen but overall we were impressed.

Idaho State Capitol

Idaho State Line (top left), Northern Nevada (top right), Boise State Univ. (middle right), and Julia Davis Park (bottom)

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